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Why pet dogs are so popular

There are many reasons behind this. In this article,Why pet dogs are so popular Articles we will inform you about some reasons for which people prefer dogs to cats when it comes to adopting pet animals. First, pet dogs serve as the most loyal companions. Dogs are very smart when it comes to guessing the mood of their owners. They can change the mood of their masters by doing any little activity like licking them, touching them with their cold nose.


Second, pet dogs protect their masters and keep homes safe. No cat can do this job. It is normal for a dog to bark at those people who threaten their masters, even in a playful manner. Girls feel much safer when they are with Cheri Honnas a dog. If any strange person enters the house, dogs start barking. Thieves also avoid intruding in to those houses where they observe the presence of a dog. One cannot expect a cat to protect him from anyone. Neither can birds save anyone from burglary.


Third, you can find a great friend for your children in pet dogs. While purchasing pet dogs, you should check the breed. One should look for such a breed which is friendlier with children. Keeping a pet dog in your home, will keep your children busy. You would be able to save them from going outside. They will keep on enjoying at home with the pet dog. Children who do not have a companion are most likely to feel an urge to go outside and find playmates. Having a dog for your children, will serve two purposes. The dog will get friends and you children will get a great friend too.


Another reason for which people prefer to buy pet dogs is that pet products for dogs are not so expensive. There are various brands which sell pet products for dogs. You can purchase pet products for your dogs according to your budget. Dog food is not at all expensive. People who say that it is expensive to adopt pet dogs might have experienced the problems associated with an ill dog. It cannot be denied that if a dog gets terribly ill then people might need to spend good amount of money. However, it is not expensive to keep a pet dog.