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5 Household Appliances Traders in Dubai

Customers are always looking for reputed and long-lasting household appliances. They are keen to buy the products which are energy efficient and comes with an extended warranty period. With so many brands,Guest Posting the customers are always looking for top-notch quality homeware wholesalers
products. The appliances industry must cater to the needs of the individual, which comes down to two key factors: workability and utility.

Top Brands of Household Appliances in Dubai

If you are looking for companies that sell the best household appliances, then we have shortlistedthe top five traders here.

1- Almakaan Trading Dmcc

Headquartered in UAE, Almakaan is always innovative and customizes the equipment supply tovarious hotels. It caters to the hospitality market with premium product range, hotel and restaurant supplies, homeware range, and a gift line. It offers homeware products that add aesthetics to the décor right from the floor to the ceiling. Be it a wedding or birthday celebration, Almakaan Trading is one of the first choices to make.

2- Soliton Electronics LLC

Established in 2007, Soliton Electronics deals electronics, which are ideal for any residential space. They deal with washing machines, fridge, and AC, owing to its reputed brand called BEKO. They produce energy efficient and utility products which caters to the customer’s requirement. Soliton Electronics do not compromise the quality and yet deliver the products at an affordable rates to the customers.

3- Quality Kitchen Equipment Trading LLC

Quality Kitchen Equipment Trading was established in 2010 to provide a solution to the kitchens of industries. Right from the refrigerated units to the showcase, Quality Kitchen offers a wide range of Kitchen supplies to all. Be it a hospital, restaurant, hypermarkets, or educational institutes, this trading company provides value-added services ensuring the highest form of customer satisfaction.

Their products are of top-notch quality that lasts longer and are energy efficient to withstand the high operation load. They are well versed with the latest and advanced technology to be used in the kitchen and rightly installs them so.

4- Summit Trading Company LLC

Summit Trading Company LLC are one of the best and reliable source for Japanese foodstuffs – “Dry & Frozen.” They have an array of products which is required in the preparation of Japanese food. Stocking more than 500 items, Summit Trading LLC has always updated itself with the market trends.

You will find products such as Sushi Rice, Green Tea, Confectionery Instant Miso Soups, Oils andVinegar, Sushi Rice, Udon and Soba Noodles, Miso Pastes, Mirin, Pickles & Ginger, Rice Crackers, Seaweeds, Wasabi and Sushi ingredients.

Coming to the Frozen section, Summit Trading Company delivers more than 200 items. The listincludes Natto, Edamame, Ikura, Sanma, Madako, Gyoza Wrappers, Tobikko, Ramen Noodles, and many more. With their supplies, you will enjoy the taste of authentic Japanese products in Dubai

5- Abdulamuhsen Al Saffar Houseware Est

Al-Saffar International has its well-reputed brand named Sumo Electronics. They have supplies to UAE, Kuwait, and India. They have innovative and advanced technological electronic goods such as irons, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, personal care, and many other various appliances.

Al Saffar International is always analysing the future market trends in the electronics and consumer rights industry, thus providing new technology and creative solution to the customers.

There are many online and commercial business directory that showcases the top traders ofhousehold appliances.


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